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They live in Nacagdoches, Tex. Dean Koontz was born on July 9, in Everett, Pennsylvania.

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He received a degree in education from Shippensburg State College in A former high school English teacher as well as a teacher-counselor with the Appalachian Poverty Program, he began writing as a child to escape an ugly home life caused by his alcoholic father. A prolific writer at a young age, he had sold a dozen novels by the age of The Nightrunners. Extroverted exhibitionist and world-class flirt. She enjoys caffeine, adrenaline, and REM cycles in equal measures.

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Her artistic side is gradually being squooshed beneath her logical, scientific mind, although not without a bloody fight. Consequently, she may be the first marine biologist to paint the colour of whalesong. Meghan, Nightrunner 3 Age 19 : Generally referred to as Meg. Early riser and all-around cynic, although a very sweet and purry person underneath, as befits her kitty-personality. She swims like a fish, fights like a mongoose, but objects to this extended animal simile. Her ability to write while music is blasting loud enough to shatter eardrums is a credit to the human race.

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Beloved bundle of neuroses and nerve-endings. Editor, edit thyself! Erin, Nightrunner 5 Age 18 : Often called Shmerin.

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He is restless with garrison life, but is devoted to his regiment and its sepoys Indian soldiers. In spite of his empathy with the sepoys, Savage does not realise that fear and resentment are driving them to intrigue with local rulers and other conspirators against the rule of the British East India Company.

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The complacent life of the British community in Bengal is shattered by the Rebellion. Most of the British officers of the Bhowani garrison and their families including Savage's wife are killed in the outbreak or are subsequently murdered.

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Savage escapes the massacre along with his infant son and an English woman, Caroline Langford. The small group of refugees are sheltered by sympathetic Indian villagers. For some time Savage's sense of betrayal and loss drives him into insane hatred of all Indians [3] and he kills an Indian officer who was his friend.

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Eventually the humanity and tolerance of the villagers, combined with his growing love for Caroline, enable him to recover and to reach the British forces gathering to suppress the rebellion who are infected with their own hatred and desire for revenge. In a final clash, an emotionally torn Savage fights against his own former regiment. A charge by Indian cavalry who have remained loyal to the British turns the tide of battle.

The "nightrunners" in the title are messengers who distributed chapatis shortly before the outbreak of the rebellion. This mysterious historic incident remains unexplained. The Deceivers is about Rodney's father, William, who suppresses the Thugee.

William's butler, Sher Dil, also appears in Nightrunners of Bengal , now an old man, and working for Rodney. Piroo, an ex-Thug who was one of William's band in The Deceivers also appears in this book.

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