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The first is that his feet act as an anchor and must remain on the ground even when the rest of his body is airborne. Secondly, despite feeling them at all times, Buggy may lose pieces of his body if they leave his visual range, though once he can see them again he can easily guide them back. Buggy seems to prefer bladed weapons, though he most favors the use of knives. He tends to hold one single knife at a time or three between the fingers of his hands, and can apparently perform small feats of sleight-of-hand to both store and draw them whenever necessary.

Buggy seems to carry an impressive amount of these types of weapons on his person at all times; some of which he prefers to keep hidden under his gloves, or in his shoes he throws both his legs spinning in an attempt to cut his opponent. He was also seen using a sword in a failed attempt to cut Luffy's head off at Loguetown.

Within Impel Down he initially wielded a battle-axe taken from one of the Blugori but after losing it armed himself with four katana-like weapons and a gun used by one of the prison staff. Outside of blades, he also can be seen using or threatening to use his Buggy Balls , which are highly explosive cannonballs carrying his Jolly Roger on them and which are fired from a cannon. The Buggy Balls are able to clear entire streets consisting of buildings. In fact, he is one of the few pirates who actively uses cannons.

In addition, he had hidden " Muggy Balls ", hand grenade-like weapons derived from his Buggy Balls on himself, with decreased size, but retaining the mighty explosive powers. Until now, he has only used five of them: first against the Jailer Beast Minotaurus , a second one on Hannyabal's subordinates in the manga, the usage was unseen, but it was shown in the anime , a third one on the Army Wolves in level 5 of Impel Down, but they dodged it, a fourth one on Dracule Mihawk , who redirected it back at Buggy, and a fifth one in 3D2Y. Due to these weapons' small size, Buggy was able to keep them to himself while being in Impel Down without the guards discovering and confiscating them.

Buggy was born in the Grand Line. Roger and his crew the Roger Pirates. When they were not fighting, the pair constantly argued over everything imaginable in the flashback in the manga and the anime alike, they argue over whether the North or South Pole is colder. Despite the difference between them, both pirates stayed together for some strange reason while they were on board the ship. This led Whitebeard to notice and even remember seeing a "big nose" with Shanks during their battles with Gol D. During a raid on an enemy ship, Buggy found a treasure map marking the location of a valuable underwater treasure; during the same raid, the crew retrieved a Devil Fruit : Bara Bara no Mi.

Told of the fruit's value, Buggy switched the real fruit with a fake, and then ate the fake in front of the crew so he could sell the fruit, as it was worth a good amount of money. But, while privately gloating with both the map and the fruit in his possession and preparing to take off humorously, he is a member of the soon-to-be Pirate King's crew, quite a lucrative position, yet for some reason he wishes to seek out a separate adventure , Buggy was surprised by Shanks; he hid the fruit in his mouth, and before he could remove it, Shanks surprised him again and he swallowed it - forever losing the ability to swim, and thus also losing his chance to get the treasure underwater.

This led to a bitter grudge against Shanks. Twenty-six years before the storyline, Roger was found to have a disease that was incurable. For the next three years, Roger explored the Grand Line. It is unknown what Buggy did during that battle, but the Roger Pirates triumphed. After Roger became Pirate King, he ultimately disbanded his crew in secret a year before his death. One by one the crew disappeared. A year later, Buggy attended Roger's execution in Loguetown, and wept at his captain's death. Shanks, who was also there, later invited Buggy to come along with him, but Buggy refused, and the two went their separate ways, not to cross paths again for twenty-two years.

Buggy then created the Buggy Pirates , who used powerful Buggy Balls , which are cannonballs with the power to take out an entire block. His first mate was Mohji the animal tamer, who used his pet lion Richie to fight, and his second mate was Cabaji the acrobat, who was a swordsman who also used deadly acrobatic tricks to fight. Buggy became a wealthy pirate with a 15,, bounty, 10,, worth of treasure, and a big, decorated ship called Big Top. Seeking a way into the Grand Line so she could steal from richer pirates, Nami stole the map from Buggy while he was terrorizing Orange Town.

Angry that his pirates had failed to get the map back from Nami, Buggy starts destroying random buildings in Orange Town with cannonballs and Buggy Balls. Monkey D. Luffy happened to fall into the village when Buggy shot down a passing seabird that was attempting to eat Luffy. Buggy is dealing with one of his crew after Nami got away. Buggy mishears him say something about his nose being strange.

The man raises in the air via Buggy's Devil Fruit powers; Buggy orders the rest of crew to put a cannon to the man and fire. With the man killed by cannon fire, Buggy orders everyone to search the town for the thief and any treasure to be found. Buggy is telling off his crew who believe they are about to be killed for not being able to find the thief who stole their map. Just then Nami and Luffy enter the scene to Buggy's surprise.

Nami hands over Luffy and decides to pretend to join Buggy's crew; she hands over the map she stole. During the celebrations, Nami begins to plan her next move; she will make all the pirates drunk to make clearing them out easier. Luffy seeing the other pirates celebrating wants to join in the fun too and Nami comes over to tease him about his current situation.

Buggy suddenly appears behind her to proclaim that Luffy should die. As a demonstration, he levels a street of buildings with his cannon and powerful cannonballs. Buggy reveals he plans to use his Devil Fruit powers along with his cannons to conquer the Grand Line. Buggy then orders Nami to fire the cannon as Luffy to prove her loyalty to him. Nami hesitates to fire the cannon as she had not planned to kill anyone.

When Nami does not light the fuse on the cannon, one of Buggy's crew steps in to show her how, Nami hits him away with her staff. She claims that no matter what she does not want to become a cruel pirate since pirates killed the most important person in her life. While Nami is talking to Buggy and making her stance, Luffy suddenly notices the fuse is lit.

He tries to eat the cage in desperation to get out. As the fuse burns, Nami finds herself under attack from the Buggy pirates.

Little Buggy Runs Away by Kevin O'Malley

Nami fights the attacking pirates while Luffy continues to try and eat his way out of the cage. Suddenly Zoro appears having found Luffy at last. Buggy approaches Zoro asking him if he came for Buggy's head. Zoro attacks Buggy when Buggy states he will kill him to become more famous. Buggy is cut into pieces to the shock of Luffy and Nami, however Buggy's crew simply laughs.

Zoro stands seemingly victorious after slicing up Buggy. However, as he goes to set about freeing Luffy from his cage, Buggy's crew is laughing. Zoro suddenly finds himself struck in the side by a hand holding a knife. Buggy floats behind Zoro as he finds himself fighting the hand and boasts about his Devil Fruit powers, the Bara Bara no Mi. Zoro is injured and finds although he came to rescue Luffy, he himself now needs rescuing. While Nami is struck with shock about the whole thing, Luffy calls Buggy "Big nose" while claiming he is a jerk for striking Zoro in the back.

Buggy gets angry and sends his hand out again this time to kill Luffy; however Luffy grasps the knife between his teeth. As Luffy claims he will finish Buggy, Buggy and his crew laugh Luffy tells Zoro to escape, Nami does not understand, however Zoro gets the idea of what Luffy is on about. Zoro attempts to escape, but Buggy launches his Bara Bara no Hou.

Zoro heads for the cannon and turns it over to face Buggy and his crew. Nami lights the fuse and the cannon fires at the Buggy Pirates. Buggy's crew begins its bearings and finds out that all three of them are gone - as well as the key to Luffy's cage. Buggy's crew is searching the town; Zoro is on top of a roof with Buggy. Buggy is angry at the three of them. Buggy is gloating about his reputation as a pirate in front of his crew. He orders them to find Luffy, Nami and Zoro no matter what.

Then Mohji steps in riding Richie, he asks Buggy if he could take Zoro out with Buggy replying he does not mind. However, he faints while he is warning him. The crew cannot make out what Mohji was trying to say, Buggy becomes aware though he is facing a tough man and attempts to hurry up the preparation of the Buggy Balls. As Buggy has a second shot readied, the Mayor shows up and stands in the way. He makes a stand against the pirate, elsewhere Luffy, Zoro and Nami make their way to Buggy.

Boodle challenges Buggy over the matter of the town. While the crew laughs, Cabaji, Buggy's second mate offers to deal with the mayor himself and leaps into the air to strike him down. Buggy steps in and tells Cabaji to hold off as the mayor challenged him directly. The Mayor's claim that the town is his treasure amuses Buggy, who only views gold and silver as treasure.

Buggy splits his right arm off and sends it flying towards the mayor. The hand grabs the mayor by the throat and lifts him off the ground, trying to get Buggy off him the mayor begins to hit his throat where the hands are. The mayor gets desperate not to die, Buggy gloats on how after this town he plans on heading out into the Grand Line and stealing all the treasures there. Nevertheless the Mayor's efforts amuse him, but Luffy appears and pulls the hand off Boodle's neck before Buggy can do anything else. Luffy decides to shout out "Hey big nose! Since Buggy hates that name, his crew, Zoro and Nami are all horrified.

Buggy demands they load the Buggy balls right now. Zoro and Nami flee for cover as the cannonball heads towards them. Luffy blows himself up like a balloon and shoots the cannonball straight back at the Buggy Pirates. Buggy and Cabaji have survived the attack from the reflected cannonball - by using the other crew members as shields. As the fight between Zoro and Cabaji rages on, Cabaji leaps into the air. Buggy throws his hand out and grabs Zoro by the foot, however Luffy steps on it preventing him for succeeding on holding Zoro. Buggy mocks Luffy for calling himself a pirate and desiring to go to the Grand Line.

As both pirates go into the first attack, Buggy mentions the name of Red-Hair which grabs Luffy by surprise. Luffy demands he tell him where Shanks is. Buggy tells him though he may know where Shanks is, however Luffy calls him an idiot for the way he said it. Buggy refuses to talk on the basis that he is not a nice guy and Luffy would die happy. Buggy then asks him if he can bounce off sharp knives, Luffy confirms he cannot. With that, Buggy attacks, while Luffy jumps to avoid the attack. Seeing Luffy jumped, Buggy figures that Luffy is now helpless while he is in the air, however when he attacks, Luffy proves otherwise by throwing his arm to a nearby pole.

As some fly knives run past him, Luffy throws a long punch at Buggy and misses. Buggy comments on how his power is also his weakness because he has now left himself open. However Luffy was not aiming for Buggy, but rather a window ledge behind him. He uses the ledge to launch himself into another attack, which Buggy dodges.

Luffy ends up in the ruins of a house behind him. Nami having stolen the treasure already is watching the fight while some of Buggy crew decides its best to pretend to be unconscious still rather than risk being killed if they get involved. Buggy launches into another attack sending out his arm holding three knives, Luffy grabs it, but Buggy separates his hand from the attacking arm. Luffy is struck in the side of the face.

Buggy mocks Luffy thinking he is upset by his face being cut, however Luffy is mad because that last attack damaged his Straw Hat. Seeing Luffy call his hat his treasure, Buggy pulls his hand back towards him, stabbing Luffy's hat in the process with his knives despite Luffy's efforts to protect it.

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As Buggy holds the hat up, Luffy remembers the promise he made on the hat and runs after it. When he hears Luffy mention its Shanks's hat, Buggy throws it to the ground mentioning he was once friends with Shanks and spits on it. Luffy refuses to hear Buggy compare himself to Shanks and throws a punch at his head, Buggy separates his head, but Luffy instead hits his stomach. Luffy is still mad that Buggy said Shanks was his friend.

As far as Buggy is concerned though, he can say what he wants about the pirate. Buggy goes to separate his body, but Luffy prevents him from doing so. The Buggy Pirates lying on the ground cannot believe their captain is losing. Buggy claims Shanks is the one person who has angered him the most over the years. He then goes into a flashback about what happened. Just as he is about to reach her, Luffy notices his lower half has not moved at all and kicks him in the lower regions.

Buggy is lying on the ground in pain; Luffy reminds him who he is fighting. Luffy tells Nami to abandon her treasures and run, but Nami refuses. As Nami claims the treasure is now hers, Buggy gets mad but Nami as a thief refuses to listen to the words from another. Buggy then separates himself up further launching all parts of himself at Nami, except his feet which are acting as normal.

Luffy spots his feet and grabs them; as Buggy continues to chase Nami, Luffy begins to torture his feet causing Buggy intense pain and discomfort. Nami swings the bag of treasure around in an attempt to attack Buggy, but Buggy grabs the treasure. Neither one of the pair refusing to let go, Buggy attempts to strike Nami to make her, however Luffy once again reminds him who he is supposed to be fighting. Buggy is knocked into the bag of treasure, ripping the bag. With Buggy apparently defeated, Luffy grabs the map of the Grand Line.

Buggy once again rises up and attempts to reform himself; however Nami has already tied up several body parts and Buggy is left with just bits of his body. With Buggy clearly defeated he is launched into the air by Luffy sending him flying far away. After losing his battle with Luffy, Buggy was separated from his body parts for a long period of time. He found himself on a deserted island, where he tried to kill a giant baby bird to eat it.

However, he was eaten by the bird's huge parent, but spat out Buggy to the Island of Rare Animals because he tasted bad. There, Buggy dueled with Gaimon , [37] but later befriended him. After leaving Gaimon's island, Buggy was attacked by a giant crab that also destroyed his Super Flashy Raft. He was then saved by a mysterious, beautiful woman who turned out to be Luffy's old foe, Alvida. Learning that Alvida was looking for Luffy, the two teamed up to find Buggy's crew and then find Luffy. The two pirates later found Mohji and Cabaji all beaten and bruised. The four later saw Buggy's other crewmates being boiled in a giant pot by a cannibalistic group known as the Kumate Tribe.

Reunited with his body parts, Buggy, Alivida, Mohji, and Cabaji defeated the tribe and Buggy was reunited with his crew. The pirate crew then went hunting for Luffy. Buggy later tracked Luffy to Loguetown and found him standing on Gol D. Roger's execution stand. Buggy's crew appeared and Cabaji trapped Luffy on the execution platform. Buggy shouted that Luffy had upset him and intended to execute him.

He ordered his pirates to create chaos in Loguetown for those who dare interfere. Luffy, unaware that he was the one who was going to be executed, told Buggy that it was the first time he would see a real execution. Buggy told the townspeople that they would see the live execution of Monkey D. Luffy told Buggy to let him go, but Buggy stated that if somebody tried to help Luffy, his crew would execute them. Buggy was about to cut Luffy's head off when Zoro and Sanji showed up to save him. However, at that moment, a bolt of lightning struck the execution stand, foiling Buggy's plot.

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Luffy escaped unharmed due to his rubber body. Buggy's crew was then captured in seastone nets as Smoker left to pursue Luffy. Buggy's crew was later freed due to the high winds of the storm knocking away the nets. Buggy decided to follow Luffy to the Grand Line. At noon, on an unknown island, Buggy and his crew are in a cave looking for treasure left behind by a legendary pirate. Mohji asks Buggy if they are at the right place, and Buggy says that it is correct. He adds that wherever there is treasure, there are bound to be guardians and traps for it.

He is saying that they must be prepared to lose their lives, when a light suddenly comes on, revealing several miners who are coming down the tunnel. Buggy, Mohji, and Cabaji start chipping away at the rock, saying that sweating is such a pleasure. However, when the boss of the miners says that the rum will taste good when they are done, Buggy explodes in a fit of rage, asking what kind of sweat he wants them to shed. Back on board their ship, Mohji tells Buggy that they cannot find the treasure, and Cabaji tells Mohji that Buggy must have mistaken the island for another.

Cabaji says that Buggy must be upset, and does not want his face to turn red, making Buggy become enraged again. Mohji says that two of the Straw Hats have bounties of ,, and 60,,, and they are already famous pirates on the Grand Line. Buggy says that there is nothing to worry about, and says that witches fatten the kids before eating them.

Mohji then realizes that the higher Luffy's bounty is, the higher Buggy's bounty will be when he defeats him. To celebrate the intelligence of their captain, the crew decides to party until nighttime, but Alvida tells the crew not to be so noisy, and says that if they cannot take care of Luffy if they do not know where he is.

Buggy tells her not worry, and when an unknown person says that he can provide information, Buggy turns to him. Buggy then realizes that he does not know who the person is, and asks of his name. The figure, who is revealed to be Portgas D. Ace , says that he was attracted by a strong scent and is sorry for interrupting the party. Buggy asked him who he was and that he did not care about his overly inflated ego, but some of his crew members then informed him that Ace is the infamous "Fire Fist Ace", commander of Whitebeard's second division.

Ace was happy to hear that they knew about Whitebeard , but then suddenly fell asleep, surprising the crew. Mohji encouraged Buggy to attack Ace, saying that if he did, they would become famous, but Buggy was against the idea. He explained to his crew that Whitebeard's crew must never be harmed and that Whitebeard, the strongest man in the world and the one closest to One Piece, was the only one who fought equally against Gol D. Further explaining that Whitebeard would avenge any of his crew getting hurt, Alvida then commented that Buggy knew him well. Buggy stated in response that when he first entered the Grand Line, he met him head-on.

Ace then woke up and said that it was cool that Buggy knew Whitebeard personally.

Ace asked if it was a party, and Buggy, seeing the rare occasion, threw a big party. Ace then had Richie jump through a ring of fire. Ace later ditched Buggy for unknown reasons, but most probably to continue his search for Blackbeard. Buggy was later seen on a newspaper that Elder Nyon was reading. The article reported that Buggy had been captured after entering a cave he thought was Captain John's treasure hold, which turned out to be a Marine Fort. Although his crew was forced to abandon him there after their replacement captain Alvida spoke to them, he was last heard to have escaped confinement most likely because the prison staff were not aware of his Devil Fruit powers and thus, neglected to employ seastone restrainers on him somewhere in the prison at the same time Luffy arrives at the prison with Shichibukai Boa Hancock.

Buggy tried to defeat the Blugori but failed as his attacks prove useless against the guards. In a nick of time, Luffy defeated all of the guards which shocked Buggy himself. He also remarked on Luffy's ability comparing to the last time he met him. Luffy told him he broke in to save Ace from execution, to which Buggy expressed great shock, almost getting them noticed.

Bedtime story with Izzy: Little Buggy Runs Away

Buggy initially wanted to escape himself but Luffy told him that battleships were already standing by for the up-coming war between Whitebeard and the Marines. Knowing that he would be captured once again should he escape, he decided to stay for a while. It was then that he spotted Luffy's arm band which was given by Nami.

Realizing it was actually Captain John's treasure map that he was looking for, he decided to make a deal with Luffy. He would guide him to Level 4 but in return, Luffy had to give him the arm band. Without hesitation, Luffy agreed and even decided to give him the treasure in advance for helping him. Feeling guilty, Buggy was reluctant to accept the gift but still decides to take it. He planned to run away after grabbing the gift but crashed into the jailers room and flew out towards Level One, Crimson Hell.

He then brought Luffy towards the entrance of Level 2 inside the Crimson Hell. Luffy immediately jumped into the pit hole but Buggy decided not to and instead, run away. His plans failed once again when a Blugori managed to catch up and his body accidentally tripped into the hole. Once at Level 2 with Luffy, they came face-to-face with a creature known as the Basilisk, a snake with a chicken head that eats whoever it can find on that level.

Luffy manages to beat it though, and destroy the Monitor Room on that level. The prisoners on the level were amazed, and asked if they could be set free. Buggy did so, hoping the escaped prisoners would cause a riot, which he could use to cover his escape, but Luffy pulled him away trying to get them to continue onward.

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Buggy then admitted to him that he does not know how to get to Level 4 and that he lied to him about helping him get there. He was even going to reveal his plan of sneaking away during the riot, but then he realized that all the prisoners went back into their cages, leaving Buggy with an angry Luffy.

Little Buggy Runs Away

Eventually, with the aid of Mr. However, Buggy and Mr. Upon crashing down they end up in Level 3 or "The Starvation Hell". Buggy and Luffy argue over the former's initial promise to help him find Ace. Before they could do anything, they are captured by the guards with a Seastone -reinforced net. The commander of the Blugori: Saldeath tells them there is no escape, but the Sphinx, who was captured along them, breaks the net, setting them free. Buggy and Mr. However, to his and Mr. While trying to escape, they finds themselves along Mr. Following Mr. There he unveiled his new weapon, the hand-held Muggy Ball explosives, and working together, the four fugitives managed to take the beast down.

After the battle, the four fall down to Level 4, where Luffy and Mr. The two then decided to attack Hannyabal to get to the staircase to Level 3. Unfortunately, they were both easily defeated by Hannyabal, though Buggy managed to injure several guards with a Muggy Ball. They were both saved however, by Mr. Buggy is later seen with Mr. Upon entering the area though, the Wolf unit showed up, intending to eat them. Just as Bon Kurei decided to fight them in order to get to Luffy, Buggy is shown running away in horror with Mr.

He is then shown alongside Mr. Unfortunately, Magellan came to Level 2 and killed many rioters as well as sealed all the entrances and exits, causing Buggy to yell that that was unfair. Later though, Blackbeard reopened the level and Buggy and the rioters prepared to head to Level 1.

A short while later the recently revived Jailer Beasts arrive in Level 2 and start to destroy the rioters. Seeing they are no match for the Jailer Beasts, Buggy loses all hope and decided to run for it. He then quite literally runs into Crocodile. Before he knows who he is he tells him to watch where he is going but upon realizing who he just ran into, he along with Mr. He again is shocked when he sees both Luffy and Jinbe after they effortlessly defeated the Four Jailer Beasts.

A short while later he is promptly kicked in the face by Mr. Afterwards he accompanies Jinbe, Crocodile, and Mr. He is cheered on by the prisoners he released earlier saying he is going into battle with two Shichibukai and riding with them like equals, though his inner monologue reveals that it's more for the protection that Crocodile and Jinbe provide rather than real bravery. However, Buggy would soon come to realize that his decision was not exactly the safest.

When the Marine battleships started to fire upon the makeshift raft that the three Devil Fruit users were riding and towed by Jinbe, Buggy was the only one who screamed in terror, leading Crocodile and Mr. When the raft crashed onto a ship, Buggy was the only one of the three who did not make a graceful entrance, but instead fainted upon impact. He remains this way until Crocodile and Mr. Upon Mr. After escaping Impel Down, Buggy was absolutely horrified to learn that the ship was heading towards Marineford , even claiming that he would rather go back to Impel Down.

However, during Luffy's Den Den Mushi conversation with a Marine officer, he discovered that he had been labeled the mastermind behind the jailbreak along with Luffy much to the surprise of the other prisoners, he was actually ranked above Jinbe and Crocodile in the escape. His past as a member of the Roger Pirates was also revealed, in addition to the fact that he was ranked alongside Shanks. Because of this, the Marines mistakenly believed that he was of similar strength, and impressed by these revelations, many of the prisoners rallied around him, even going far as to suggest a mutiny before Buggy calmed them down.

However, the stronger characters present were not fooled, and Jinbe, Daz Bonez, and Galdino were left wondering how someone with such an impressive history could be so cowardly and weak. Ivankov simply mused that Buggy is probably the "disgrace" of the Roger Pirates. With a new rush of confidence, Buggy used the support of the newly-freed inmates to his advantage, declaring his intention to go on to Marineford and challenge Whitebeard himself, which would boost his reputation to unheard-of heights. Going along with the ship's surprising luck with the Gate of Justice opening, he played along with it, pretending to be a Messiah but even wondering in his head if it was a sign from God to make him Pirate King.

He was seen alongside with the other Impel Down fugitives, falling from the sky to Marineford, in order to gain more fame. He was also seen wearing a pirate captain's attire, salvaged from different parts of a Marine officer's uniform, over his striped prisoner's outfit. He had also apparently scrounged up a number of knives, and, combined with his clothes, had mostly returned to his original appearance.

When Crocodile made his attempt to kill Whitebeard, Buggy exclaimed that Crocodile tried to steal his glory. He then became completely stunned when Luffy started competing with Whitebeard in Ace's rescue before being shocked at them casually talking to each other. When Admiral Kizaru fired a blast at Luffy, and Ivankov used a Death Wink to blast him away, Buggy was seen wailing about wanting to go home. As usual of late, his desire was completely misconstrued, and the other escaped inmates from Impel Down thought that he wanted to kill Kizaru and asked him if he was crazy, saying that they, as his new Crew of Legends, had no fear of Kizaru.

This did not stand well with Mr. Buggy then entered into a temporary alliance with Whitebeard. Buggy believed this to be because Whitebeard thought that he was strong and that they were equals. However, Whitebeard only did this because of the amount of pirates who sided with Buggy, and they could interfere with saving Ace if they tried to attack Whitebeard. He was then seen rallying his followers to start fighting. After a little while, Buggy was revealed to be fine, apart from a minor nosebleed and a missing tooth.

He and his Impel Down subordinates stole one of the Visual Den Den Mushi and used it to broadcast a commercial about Buggy being a member of the legendary crew under Gold Roger, which prompted Sengoku to order the Marines to blast them with cannons. When the stolen Den Den Mushi revealed to the whole world of Whitebeard being stabbed by his ally Squard , Sengoku ordered Admiral Aokiji to interrupt the transmission.

Buggy and the prisoners with him were immediately frozen by the admiral's powers. Soon after they were thawed out by the heat from Admiral Akainu's magma, Buggy was quick to swear revenge, much to the escapees' admiration. He was later seen witnessing Luffy reaching the execution platform together with the prisoners. While preparing to go and claim Whitebeard's head, Buggy was seen staring shocked and perhaps angered at the sight of Ace being struck from behind by Akainu's magma fist. Later, Whitebeard met his end at the hands of the Blackbeard Pirates thus causing Buggy to lose the honor to claim Whitebeard's head.

Buggy started to get terrified and decided to run away. His crew, however, mistook this as an act of honor and respect for Whitebeard and followed him in tears. During his escape, Aokiji would later freeze the ocean again into a frozen wasteland in an attempt to prevent Jinbe from escaping with Luffy. However, the solidified sea gave Buggy a foothold, allowing him to separate his upper-body high into the air and aid him in his escape.

When Crocodile launched Luffy and Jinbe into the air to get them out of Akainu's reach, Buggy unintentionally caught them in mid-air and evaded a giant magma fist. Although his rescue was completely accidental, his crew once again believed he saved Straw Hat and the fish-man intentionally and believed him to be a hero. While Buggy searched for a safe place in which he could land, the Heart Pirates appeared with their submarine, and Trafalgar Law told Buggy to bring Luffy on his ship.

As Buggy was airborne, he was shot through his shoulder by one of Kizaru's beams. He screamed in terror and threw them at the submarine and fled. As Buggy was fleeing, Shanks and his crew arrived and Shanks tossed Luffy's straw hat to him and promised to give him a treasure map in return. He gave the hat to Law, only to find out that Shanks lied just to mess with him just like the old days. As he showed his anger towards Shanks, his followers took his familiarity towards Shanks as a sign of his greatness even further and proclaim they would follow him forever.

Buggy's crew is crying and lamenting on how much they have missed their Captain Buggy. Buggy is also crying and lamenting that he had missed them so much and was stating on how they had so much trust in him to wait for him. Alvida , comments to herself saying that those guys Buggy's crew had given up on him, but she is ignored. Then Mohji , Cabaji and Richie with Mohji speaking for him introduced themselves to the new crew of prisoners that escaped with Buggy from Impel Down. Alvida, somewhat impressed by Buggy's actions, commented that the prisoners he brought with him were heinous prisoners with high bounties.

After this, Buggy showed her Captain John 's treasure mark, the one with the bracelet looking thing he got from Luffy by helping him out to go to the lower levels of Impel Down. Boasting that the wind does not blow east or west but blows directly to him. Alvida went on to inform Buggy about Luffy's current escapade in Marineford.

Buggy seemed very confused after reading the paper, about Luffy's connection to Rayleigh, commenting that Rayleigh might be Luffy's uncle. At this point, Mr. This was later revealed to be an invitation to join the Shichibukai. When Luffy and Boa Hancock had just begun fighting against Sebastian , the Buggy Pirates arrived in the area by coincidence and saw the fight ensuing on the Groseade.

Buggy then walks up to his crew and asks who they are fighting, to which is is then informed by Mr. Buggy is then surprised by the coincidence and the fact that Luffy was fighting the World Pirates; however, after prompted by his crew to fight World, Buggy decided to let Luffy take down World and then take credit for it. He then tells his crew to alert the world that the Buggy Pirates were fighting with the World Pirates with the intention of letting the Marines know that a fight was occurring as to attract the Admirals over there and let the Marines take over the fight in case anything went wrong.

When it appeared that Sebastian had gained the upper hand, Buggy worried that Luffy and Hancock would lose. However, when Sebastian is defeated by Perona, he directs his attention the the hovering girl and, to his surprise, discovers that Perona was accompanying Mihawk. Buggy immediately wondered why Mihawk was there, to which both him and Galdino then realize that Mihawk would be an asset to defeating World, but then Buggy quickly worried that Mihawk was there to take credit.

In response, Galdino recommended that they leave their trace and so Buggy ordered the crew to invade the enemy ship. On board the ship, Buggy alerted his crew to stop when he noticed World's presence. They then watched as World fought Luffy, to which Buggy fell into a state of shock after World easily defeated the young pirate. He then realized that his plan was bound to fail if Luffy was defeated and so ordered his crew to immediately revive him, which is misinterpreted by the Impel Down escapees as Buggy caring for his friend.

Later, while his crew treated Luffy, Buggy continuously slapped him to wake him up. After a while, he succeeded and stated that it went all as planned. Later, while walking through the hallways of the ship, Buggy and his crew encountered Gairam and was told by him that they had trespassed and that they would be killed for doing so. Buggy and his crew were then caught between an onslaught of cubes created by Gairam's Kyubu Kyubu no Mi. While dodging the attack, Buggy noticed a flattened Luffy that had floated down from between the cubes and then screamed at him for still being there.

Buggy then told Luffy to just hurry up and go defeat World, which is misinterpreted by the Tightrope Walking Funan Bros as words of encouragement when, in reality, Buggy was just thinking about how his plan would end in failure in World was not defeated. Upon hearing the cheers from his crew, Buggy then told Luffy that he would handle Gairam, thinking that there could be no way from him to be defeated with so many Impel Down escapees under him. To his surprise, however, Gairam then compressed the air around him into a cube and attacked them with his Air Cube Booster. Buggy then ran deeper into the ship but then learned that it was a dead end and before he could do anything, Gairam turned him into a cube by using Cube Break.

Gairam then sent cubed pieces of the floor flying at Buggy, but Buggy simply kept jumping on top of them and mocking Gairam in the process. However, Gairam then began knocking off the cubes that Buggy jumped on until Buggy was within hitting range. We use this information to create a better experience for all users. Please review the types of cookies we use below.

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